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Injury Compensation Attorney in Omaha, NE

Why Theis Law Offices?

Colin Theis is dedicated to helping obtain a recovery for those who have been injured. He prides himself on limiting his practice to workers’ compensation and personal injury law. Because he has a smaller case volume, Colin provides his clients a higher quality, more personalized experience.

The time immediately following a significant injury that you or a loved one has sustained can be one of the most stressful, challenging moments of your life. During these times, having a specialized attorney who is committed to helping you will take some of the stress off of your plate.

Colin will fight for his clients, and he works hard to obtain a favorable verdict or fair settlement for everyone he represents.

Where He Serves

Colin Theis provides workers’ compensation and personal injury legal services in Omaha and throughout the state of Nebraska. Colin also represents truck drivers from across the country for workers’ compensation claims filed against Nebraska employers such as Werner Enterprises and Crete Carrier.

Theis Law Offices is an Omaha law firm specializing in workers’ compensation and personal injury law. As a result of a narrow scope of services and smaller case volume, we provide high-quality, personalized legal services for our clients.
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Work Injury Attorney in Omaha, NE

Work-related injuries happen. Injuries at work aren’t planned, but when they happen, what do you do? Even though the Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Act was created to help workers, filing a claim on your own can prove difficult, or you could get push back from the insurance company. That’s where Colin comes in.

Colin Theis, Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Lawyer, has more than two decades of experience.  He represents people affected by work-related injuries. He is dedicated to his clients’ needs, and fights back when insurance companies fail to provide you with full and fair compensation for your injuries.

Workers’ Compensation

After you experience a work-related injury, the employer’s insurance company goes right to work to limit their own damages. When filing for workers’ compensation in Nebraska, you need Colin Theis on your side. He’ll stand up for you and prevent insurance companies from neglecting the medical care and financial compensation you are rightfully owed.

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We Represent ALL Types of Injured Workers

Theis Law Offices is prepared to represent anyone who was injured while working for a Nebraska employer or was injured in Nebraska. Most of our clients are employed in the following industries:
Injured on the road?
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Injured away from home?
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Injured on the site?
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Injured lifting a patient?
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Slip in the store?
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Injured at the plant?
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Injured on a farm or ranch?
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About Theis Law Offices

With over two decades of experience, Colin’s main focus is helping those who have been injured. He prides himself on taking on a smaller case volume and limiting his practice to workers’ compensation and personal injury law so that he is better able to represent his clients.


If you are an injured truck driver, had a work-related injury, or were in a car or truck accident, Colin Theis will help you get the medical care you need and the compensation you are owed.
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